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ginaann started this conversation
I am in a abuse relationship and I am trying my best to l leave but this man is saying he Arlington hurt me.I pack all my belong i want out he a charter and he lies about everything I have no place to go i need to find me a safe place to live
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Hi,found a few women's shelters in Rome,Georgia for you to look into. 1)William S Davis Center,228 S Broad St. SW,#230,Rome,Georgia, phone 706-622-5622. 2)Hospitality House for Women in Rome, Georgia,phone 706-235-4608,Hotline 706-235-4673.There are more on the internet,just type in "women's shelters in Rome,Georgia" it will pull up several shelters in your area.
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A place called women's haven it helps abused women like u to read start u a new life that's new
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Contact 211.0rg to find the resources in your area. Ask God for help.
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